Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of consciousness. Through dynamic or static postures, breathing, singing and meditation, we awaken the internal energy that lies deep within ourselves. Kundalini yoga works on all aspects of the body:
– Health, making it possible to correct dysfunctions of the various body systems : digestive, nervous, glandular, lymphatic…
– Vitality, with muscular work and physical flexibility
– Emotional balance, with meditation and breathing techniques that make us master of our mind and bring us to a state of calm and serenity.
Kundalini yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or disability. There is no level required.


Popularized by Paul Grilley in the 1990s, Yin yoga is a gentle yoga. Coming from Taoism, the idea of Yin represents immobility and Yang represents movement. Yin Yoga is about slowing down and getting into a meditative state. We simply remain in still postures without trying to improve our endurance. At the level of the mind, we must accept all the emotions and sensations that come when we hold the different postures. Most postures are done on the ground and the aim is total muscle relaxation to stretch the connective tissues.
Holding the postures in stillness and for several minutes allows the body to relax very gradually and to stretch the deep tissues. The relaxation of the deep tissues allows a better circulation of the energies, which detoxifies the body, also bringing a deep relaxation of the body and mind through a great emotional discharge of the mind.



Rei (Spiritual) Ki (Energy) healing techniques teach us to harness our own ability to heal, regenerate and recuperate the body to maximise its potential.
This ancient healing system helps to balance and harmonise energy on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
A complementary health approach in which practitioners place their hands on or just above different areas of the body -Reiki- is based on the Eastern Medicine understanding that living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality. When the energy flows freely, we can tap into unknown reserves of power. When it runs into blockages -understood to be caused by negative thinking, unhealed trauma, or stress overload -we function at a suboptimal level.